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Medical Record Management

Medical Record Management


Medical Records need to be securely stored and accurately tracked, available at a moment’s notice - while, at the same time, remaining compliant with all Federal and State regulations. These criteria must be met even as medical records migrate to the cost and management efficiencies of the digital world and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

Our Medical Record Management meets the information management needs of hospitals, medical centers, clinics, practices and laboratories as well as other healthcare industry organizations through a comprehensive suite of physical and digital record services. Simple Solutions are aimed to seamlessly link every department-Accounting, Billing, Patient Services, Compliance, Medicine, Human Resources, and Information Technology- in order to reduce costs, increase access and improve care.

Proven Healthcare-applicable offerings from Simples include:

  • The Blended Solution - Simples ability to draw from a comprehensive range of information lifecycle services to devise the best strategy for handling paper and electronic records while lowering cost, reducing risk, increasing productivity, ensuring accuracy, staying in compliance and improving both profitability and patient/customer outcomes.
  • The Simples Online Record Center-a highly affordable, quickly deployed, Cloud-based repository that lowers costs while raising the efficiency of information Capture, Management, Compliance and Workflow.
  • EMR Transitioning-provides an effective, supplemental bridge to EMR deployment
  • High Volume Scanning and Imaging-Cost-effectively converts paper to secure, tracked digital files that are secure, accurate, instantly accessible, compliant and easily shared.
  • Scan-On-Request-Select documents from a physical inventory are quickly scanned and delivered electronically as needed.
  • PrecisionPLUS Tracking-Every item is barcoded, scanned and tracked to ensure inventory integrity, accessibility and a complete chain of custody.
  • Compliance Programs-customized to an organization’s specific retention needs while meeting and managing healthcare industry regulatory mandates such as HIPAA HITECH, PHI, ROI and the Affordable Care Act.
  • Data Protection-scheduled tape rotations, secure, encrypted backup and storage in climate-controlled vaults.
  • Disaster Recovery Preparedness- information is organized, indexed, able to be tested and protected offsite at flood and fire resistant facilities.
  • eAccess Remote Inventory Control-online and on demand; for paper and electronic inventories; FREE to every customer.
  • Certified Destruction-including shredding and eWaste destruction.