Financial Backoffice Services

Simple Solutions offers quality financial services in accounting and bookkeeping services, data mining and reporting services, indexing services, financial reporting services, business transcription services

Data Mining and Reporting Services

Data Mining and Reporting Services


Our data mining and reporting services managed your business finances, analysis month-end closing tasks reports and keep you on the right track.

We are providers of following data mining and reporting services

Data Entry Online / Offline

Fast, accurate data entry with a minimum of 10,000 KeyStrokes Per Hour for both alpha and numeric Staff availability up to three shifts, seven days a week. Intermediate computer literacy. A fast paced environment and excellent work ethics.

Data Entry Services You Can Rely On

  • Data Entry
  • Alpha & Numeric
  • Printed or Handwritten
  • Hardcopies or Scanned Images

Data Conversion

  • OCR Clean up, ICR, OMR
  • Scanning from hardcopies, microfilms, microfiche
  • Indexing & Archiving
  • PDF conversion: PDF to text, HTML etc.
  • HTML conversion, XML tagging

Forms Processing

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Insurance Claims Processing
  • Market Research forms entry
  • Warranty Registration
  • Survey Forms Processing
  • Order Processing
Forms Processing

Many types of Handwritten Forms do not easily lend themselves to automatic capture using ICR/OCR tools. We processes such forms using industry standard image processing softwares. Data capture is from images or paper forms. We use a double key process to ensure high accuracy output.

Upload your images to our secure FTP server and we will Download, Process and Return the database to you as promised. Some common Forms Processed at Simple Solutions:

  • Health Insurance Enrollment Forms
  • Product Warranty Cards
  • Credit Card Applications
  • Patient Surveys
  • Contest Entries
  • Legal Property Descriptions
  • Product Registration Cards
  • Member Contribution Cards
  • Customer & Product Lists
  • Medical Study Report Forms
  • Property Appraisal Forms
  • Vendor Invoices
Scanning / OCR Services

Our Document Scanning Services

Simple Solutions is the leading document scanning, imaging and indexing services company. We provide Best Practice Outsourcing Services for Document Scanning, enabling your organization to successfully unlock the true value of the information contained in its files, resulting in increased productivity, performance and profits. We are recognized experts in providing document scanning services to support large scale, Mission Critical conversion services for projects that require quick turnarounds and high quality deliverables.

Our Document Scanning Services Price Guarantee

Simple Solutions will meet or beat the document scanning services prices of any competitor for large-scale critical document projects. Our service agreements can be written as Fixed Fee or Value-Based Pricing Contracts because they are based on the analysis we perform that defines the productivity, performance and profit increases your company can soon realize. Our document scanning services prices include all aspects of your document scanning project, without hidden, hourly, monthly or software charges.

Our Scanning and Imaging Service Focus

We are professionally staffed and equipped to manage your document imaging needs, offering Fixed Fee Document Scanning Prices and Value-Based Prices at a fraction of the cost of purchasing, staffing and maintaining expensive document scanning equipment. This "off-balance-sheet" outsourcing approach allows our clients to allocate resources efficiently while staying focused on their core business

Print on Demand (POD)

PDF Conversion - Convert PDF to word document: Print on Demand Service

Simple Solutions specializes to convert pdf file to word document. We can convert pdf documents to Excel, Adobe PDF Document to Word document as well as Word document to Adobe PDF document. Be it a paper document, word document or an image like tiff, tif or jpeg we can convert it to PDF. With our variety of scanners, Image Enhancement, Adobe PDF conversion tools coupled with our knowledge of working of these PDF tools together, we can easily convert paper documents, word, rtf, html, tiff, tif or jpeg formats into compact, searchable portable PDF files ready for publishing on the internet, company intranet, Web site, by email or by CD-R.

Simple Solutions can convert paper documents to searchable pdf files, electronic documents (Microsoft word files, rtf files, html files) or image files ( tiff, tif or jpeg) into compact, searchable or image only PDF files ready for publishing on your intranet, Web site, by e-mail or by CD-ROM, using the latest scanning and imaging technology. Information storage and retrieval that once took minutes or even hours is now only seconds away.

Source Formats

  • Paper (files, bound volumes, reports)
  • Photographic slides and transparencies
  • Engineering documents
  • TIFF, JPEG or any graphic format
  • Any page-authoring/ composition software like QuarkExpress, PageMaker or FrameMaker
  • Any word-processing package like MS-Word, WordPerfect or RTF
  • Web page formats like HTML, XML

Output Formats

  • PDF Image
  • PDF Image + Searchable Text
  • PDF Normal or PDF with Formatted Text & Graphics
  • PDF Multi-Resolution Image
  • Hyperlinks and bookmarks
  • Catalog search
Yellow & White Pages Conversion

Looking for a company offering yellow pages data entry services?

We have been providing professional yellow pages data entry services for the past two years. We use high-end software tools and latest address databases for our work. Here at Simple Solutions, we help you in capturing names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, products, brand names, classification headings etc.

We have a team of highly talented and experienced professionals, who are well familiar with IT enabled services. Our brilliant data entry operators with good typing skills and program knowledge are experts in offering you the best possible quality and value. They are eager to help you to achieve the preferred end result you desire.

Our client base is impressive and consists of a diverse range of businesses. At Simple Solutions, we perform yellow pages data entry services with fast turnaround times and accuracy. We help you to realize the full benefits of yellow pages data entry services. We are confident that that you will not be disappointed in our services, if you will choose us.

Our services include data entry from White pages directories and includes indicators for business, residential and professional listings. The data entry form yellow page directory include heading classification, advertiser name, address, phone number, advertising type codes, price paid by the advertiser, page number, directory code, products, services, brands, models, hours of operations, URL, membership and more.

XML Conversion and Tagging

Simple Solutions can prepare your content for delivery via the Internet and for electronic distribution, by converting it to structured electronic formats like XML, SGML, and HTML. We convert your publications from various paper-based sources (hard copy) or electronic files of virtually all formats (soft copy). Simple Solutions specializes in the implementation and management of large, complex conversion projects for clients whose businesses are heavily dependent on information, such as government agencies, large corporations and online information providers.

The kind of documents we process each day vary from straight forward text documents, web based information articles, books etc. to complex manuals and structured financial and legal documents.

We understand that deadlines and turnaround is often a prime criteria in outsourcing data processing. Simple Solutions offers full range of consultancy and data conversion services to help organizations meet this critical need. We become a working extension of your technical conversion team, providing services that are ideally suited to today's requirements for consistent, tightly structured, highly accurate databases. We not only convert data, we understand objectives in a broader context. That's why we proactively suggest improvements in database design, and identify simple solutions that add power at little or no cost. We foresee and resolve integration issues, always focusing on improving the ease, reliability, and speed of your database.

Our Data Conversion Services fall into two broad categories: Technical Consultancy and Database Conversion.

Technical Consultancy Services

  • Development of XML DTD's
  • Development of XML conversion specification
  • Development of Software's for XML processing
  • Software for debugging and validity check for XML.

Database Conversion Services

  • Format conversion of data from any format to XML
  • Includes Coding, Tagging, Marking
  • Re-keying to 99.995% accuracy
  • OCR-Scanning